Having a backyard swimming pool is almost an expectation when buying houses in the South Florida region. An in-ground pool can significantly improve your home’s value during a sale or appraisal.

There is a catch: the pool must be in good condition, easy to maintain, safe for kids and match the general style of your home.

The Facts on Home Value

According to statistics from the US National Association of Realtors, home values increase by seven to eight percent on average whenever there is a pool. In hot and humid regions like South Florida, that number soars to as high as 11 to 15 percent.

Some neighborhoods with a high percentage of home swimming pools have an even greater correlation to value. If you are the only house on the block without a pool, then you might have your house passed over for someone else’s. Conversely, a home with a nice swimming pool will generate more buyer interest, sell quicker and at a higher value.

Problems may arise when a buyer thinks that a pool will be more trouble than it is worth. A pool in disrepair or without adequate safety measures can actually lower the value of a home, or cause it sit on the market for longer.

The fact that a neglected pool can scare off a buyer should be incentive for pool owners. They must keep up with regular maintenance and add improvements that make the pool safer, easier to maintain and looking better.

How to Avoid a Pool Costing You When Selling

The easiest way to prevent a pool from dragging your home’s price down is to keep an eye on it.

Add chlorine regularly to keep the pool from being dirty

Preserve a balance of pH, alkalinity and other chemicals to prevent the pool water from damaging your equipment

Replace filters, cartridges/media and pumps when needed

Pay attention to landscaping that may affect the pool, such as erosion washing in soil

When a buyer sees a clean pool with no problems, it reflects positively on the rest of the house.

Safety and Equipment Upgrades for Even More Value

As for home owners that are unsure about a pool on their property, taking steps to lessen the work and make the pool safer will help persuade them.

Possible equipment improvements to reduce maintenance are:

Variable speed pumps that last longer and use less energy

Salt water generators that avoid the need to add chlorine

Advanced jets or pumps that keep less sediment on the bottom

For those worried about safety:

Extra fencing and gates

Pool surface alarm that alerts when people or animals fall in

Hard, retractable pool covers that will not become tangled if someone falls in

Other Considerations

Your pool should match the quality of your house or neighborhood. To make your pool area more beautiful, you could resurface your pool with Diamond Brite finishes for the pool bottom. Or, you could invest in an attractive stamped concrete or travertine deck.

With proper care and smart upgrades, your home’s pool can be a major driving factor when it comes time to sell. If you would like more information on Lighthouse Point pool maintenance, pool equipment upgrades or pool renovations, you can click on their respective pages.