Pools are a fantastic source of relaxation, entertainment and fun for you and your family. Having one can add to your monthly power bills; keeping them filled with fresh water can add up too. To encourage green practices while saving some green yourself, look to these resource-conscious pool maintenance ideas.

Run the Pump Only Often as Needed

Figuring out how often to run your pool’s pump can involve a lot of math and conversions. If you have asked a Parkland pool maintenance expert the exact amount of time, or if you have crunched the numbers yourself, then keep to that formula to maintain clear water.

If you are not certain of the exact amount of time needed to run the pump, try running the pump around eight hours a day during the hot months, or six hours a day when it is cool. If your water quality stays clear, run the pump slightly less by reducing the time by one hour every day. 

Once you figure out the minimum amount of time necessary to keep your water consistently clear, try to stick to that number as closely as possible in order to save energy. 

Get a Variable Speed Pump

A Florida law passed in 2011 requires all new homes with pools to use a variable speed pump. These pumps save owners around 40 percent every month on their electric bills while reducing impact on the local power grid.

If you have an older home or an older pump, consider upgrading to take advantage of these savings. The difference in your bill will be noticeable almost immediately.

Turn off Features When No One is Around to See Them

Water features waste a good deal of electricity in addition to water from evaporation. While these features look impressive, running them for an audience of none can add up quickly to your energy and water costs. Have these features set on a timer or simply shut them on or off as needed.

This also applies to lighting around a pool. In-pool lights or lights around your deck area will drain power from running all night. When no one is around, shut them off to save energy. If you are worried about safety, keep one light active and install a security light to detect any one who enters the pool area before they have a chance of accidentally falling in.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Cleaning out your filters or regularly backwashing as needed will prevent your pump from working harder than it should. You should also inspect all equipment to make sure jets are working properly and that there are no tiny cracks in your pipes or equipment systems.

Having a professional Parkland pool service come out and inspect your pool can help reduce excess energy costs by checking the integrity of your pool systems. We can also help you find energy efficient equipment such as pumps or lighting to bring down your power bill.

To find out more about what we can do for you, visit our residential pool services page.