One of the best things about having a backyard pool is the ability to invite over all your friends. Pools can provide entertainment for a large group of people without a lot of other activities planned. Just announce that you are going to have a pool party, and people will gladly show up.

What many pool owners forget is that private pools and public pools are not even close to the same thing. The filtration equipment and chemical treatments vary greatly, and having a large group invade the water all at once can greatly affect your pool’s water quality.

After a large event, the pool owner may notice strangely erratic behavior in the pool’s ability to combat algae, maintain clarity or even suck up surface debris. In order to prevent nasty surprises from turning up after your pool event, follow these Boca Raton pool maintenance tips:

Make Sure Your Filter is Clean

Your filter is going to take a lot of abuse during and immediately after the festivities. Inspect your filter for debris and backwash if necessary to have the equipment running at optimum levels. Your filter should also be cleaned or backwashed as soon as possible after the party is over.

Reschedule Your Pump

Your pool pump is likewise going to be pulling extra duty as a result of all the surplus debris and chemicals entering the water during a pool party. Run the pump for several hours before the party to make sure everything is operating properly and that any excess debris is sucked up.

Once the party is over, run your pump again in two hour spurts at least once a day for the next few days.

Test Your Water

Even if you have been keeping an eye on your pool’s chemical levels and pH balance all summer, give it another look the day before the party starts and adjust accordingly. Litmus strips are recommended over liquid tests because they offer more accurate and detailed information about the pool’s chemical makeup.

Adjust Chlorine Levels

During a party, chlorine gets extracted and can cause a large shock to a pool’s delicate equilibrium. High bathing loads can absorb more chlorine than normal, especially since the bathers are going to be sweaty and covered in lotion. They will more likely than not be entering and exiting the pool sporadically.

Furthermore, clothing tends to soak up chlorine, especially when it is cotton like blue jeans or t-shirts. Advise bathers against jumping in the water in regular clothes as the chlorine also breaks down any organic fabrics. This reaction is why polyester or synthetic bathing suits are recommended.

Call the Professionals

You can do all of the above and still end up with a mysteriously cloudy pool after a big, rowdy party. The very best course of action is to not get worried about tangling with chemicals or cleaning yourself, and to call a professional Boca Raton pool maintenance company.

Tell them that you are planning a party and want the chlorine, pH and equipment all ready for the extra workload they are about to receive. They can also give you specific advice for tending your pool afterward according to their professional expertise.

If you are planning a raucous pool party, or if you are stuck with a less than pristine pool after you throw one, contact us so we can get your water crystal clear and ready for more fun.