Pool Repairs and Installations

Crystal Blue Pool Services can also help you with pool repairs and equipment installations for your pool or spa.

With over 15 years in the swimming pool industry, We have the experience and qualifications to service your pool or spa with the following pool repairs and installations:

Pool Heaters

Gas Pool Heaters: the pros and cons. Gas heaters do quickly heat up the water in your pool or spa, and initially costs less, but, they do tend to cost more money to operate, due to the fact that they run on natural gas or propane gas which does cost more money.

Electric Pool Heaters: the pros and cons. Electric heaters are cheaper to operate, but electric heaters tend to take longer to heat up the water in your pool or spa, and have a higher initial cost.

Solar Pool Heaters: pros and cons. Solar heaters are the most operating cost effective, due to they use solar energy to operate, but solar heaters have the most initial cost.

Pool Filters - Pool Pumps

Filters are a very important part in your pool system. Your filters need to be cleaned frequently and replacing the internal cartridge provides for the correct pool circulation.

Here at Crystal Blue Pool Services, we provide and install replacement filter cartridges for any size pool and pool filter models. We also install entire filter systems that include; Hayward®, Pentair, and Jandy®.

The reason you need to clean or replace your filter cartridge is to allow your pool pump to work more effectively in circulating more water in your pool, which makes your pump work more efficiently, saving you wear and tear, and operational costs.

Pool Salt Systems

Crystal Blue Pool Services believes the best thing you can do for your pool and you is to convert to or install a salt system. Salt systems are where natural salt is converted into natural chlorine, that makes your pool or spa healthier for you and your family. A bonus is that salt is less expensive than chlorine, due to the fact that you do not need to add salt every week as you would with chlorine.

We provide some of the best brand names in salt systems at low prices. Our brands include: AutoPilot®, Hayward®, Jandy® and Pentair.

It is true that Initially a salt system can cost more than a chemical chlorine system, but a salt system will save you much money in the long run, plus salt can extend the life of your pool finish, and is much healthier for your skin and hair.

Pool and Spa Lighting

Crystal Blue Pool Services provides and installs many different types of pool and spa lighting. Some types we offer include; traditional lighting, LED, and color changing lights. Our professional technicians can also repair and install lighting transformers and wires.

We carry Hayward® and Pentair lights, including color-changing Intellibrite®, which is one of the “greenest” and most cost efficient lighting choices. Although, LED Lights do use the most amount of energy to create the same lighting output as traditional incandescent and halogen lights, they are also more cost efficient, durable, and lasts longer.

Fountain Lighting

Crystal Blue Pool Services, are not just pools and spas. We also offer all of our services and repairs for fountains, including lighting, for residential and commercial fountains. Our selection of fountain lights include: traditional, Halogen, and LED lighting.

Our lighting technician repair existing lights as well as install newer and updated lighting systems. Our fountain lighting is designed and created to impress, bringing your fountain to life, giving you an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere. Our fountain lighting brands include: Hall Fountains, fountain jets, streams and pumps.

Make sure to contact Crystal Blue Pool Services for all of your fountain needs, and as always, we guarantee all of our work and our low prices!

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