Pool Renovation Services

Crystal Blue Pool Services is proud to offer you the following  residential pool renovation services  for your pool or spa.

Diamond Brite® has always set the industry standards for top quality and excellence for exposed aggregate finishes. We have certified SGM applicators that are carefully screened, experienced, and highly trained before they are allowed to display the Diamond Brite certified Applicator certificate.

With Crystal Blue Pool Services you can rest assured that we only use the highest quality of products that are backed by the best warranty program in the industry. This is the heart of our commitment in achieving the highest quality standards in all our swimming pools and spas finishes. View the Diamond Brite samples to see all of your choices of finishes.

Crystal Blue Pool Services have prided ourselves on offering all types of premium ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles that include: travertine stone and coping to 1X1 tiles for an all-tile pool. We have the creativity to create your ultimate pool and spa look. Give us a call or E-mail us for an appointment, and look at our latest additions, to find that perfect tile to fit your style and needs. We know we will have exactly what you are searching for!

It’s an exciting time when you are creating the backyard of your dreams when you are building or updating your pool and spa. That is why you need to choose Crystal Blue Pool Services and our premier products and guarantees that back up all of our work. We understand that your personal style of tile, coping, and mosaics are the centerpiece of your backyard environment, and we strive to bring our clients the latest styles to suit everyone’s personal tastes and styles!

As you plan your pool, spa, and patio decor, the possibilities are endless with Crystal Blue Pool Services! We recommend that you inspect your tile sample selections in the sunlight so you can see exactly how the sunlight, shade, and water will reflect the actual look of the tile. Our tiles work in both interior and exterior applications, and allow you to create your desired decor design. You can also use our tiles on outdoor amenities that include: BBQs, fire pits, fireplaces and much more, to truly complete your backyard experience and express your unique style!

We offer several options that will enhance your pool deck and patio, giving your backyard a new look and feel!

Pool Decks & Patios that we specialize in include:

  • Hard Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Travertine

A familiar service that we provide is Swimming Pool Acid Wash Service. This service is usually performed on older pools and spas to remove any discoloration on the plaster service. There are various reasons for discoloration, the most common are stagnant chemicals, improper equipment or most commonly organic matter staying in one spot for too long. It is natural for us to want our pools to stay as beautiful as they were when you first created it, but the truth is pools take a lot of attention and maintenance for a longer life, and there may come a time where a more drastic maintenance program is needed.

It is not uncommon to perform a Light Acid Wash on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. This service insures that organic or in-organic matter does not build up. This matter seeps deep down into the plaster surface without you evening knowing. This is why a light acid wash service is a service you need to have performed. Not only will it drain any bad water from your pool, but it will remove the absolute thinnest layer of plaster possible. Removing this thin layer, allows the achievement of maximum results from the light acid wash. By performing the light acid wash, it saves your pool from a Heavy Acid Wash which can highly effect the aesthetics of your swimming pool.

The most common reason people need a Heavy Acid Wash is due to improper chemical balance (due to old saturated WATER!). Unkempt, old, or green pools will require extra attention to bring it back to its original state. This is not a fast and easy process. By using a higher concentration of acid, removes organic and in organic matter we see the plaster surface regain its luster. That is why regular maintenance and service is necessary to avoid a Heavy Acid Wash.

What about doing it yourself ?
The first thing you need to do is contact Crystal Blue Pool Services, and let our acid was specialists access the situation. By hiring our company, you will save money and most important your health. Working with acid is extremely dangerous and is best handle by professionals. Most pool companies will apply a 50/50 mixture of Muriatic Acid and Water with their acid wash. But our acid experts have a much more effective and efficient method that achieves the best results. If you still wish to perform an acid wash yourself take note; you will need a breathing apparatus and gloves that are made for acid application, air tight goggles, long sleeves, long pants, and waterproof shoes.

Pressure cleaning is one of the most cost efficient and easiest way to increase the look and value of your home. It is a good way to prevent cost, time and trouble of future repairs. If you are looking to bring your home, patio or deck back to life give us a call!

Once you contact us, we will start the process of professionally cleaning your home or business. Crystal Blue Pool Service operates with the highest standards, plus we stand behind all of our work. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle, we provide the same amount of high quality service on every job we do!

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