Having a commercial pool can be big responsibility. You want to make sure the water is always clean and healthy to swim in, and you want to be sure that everyone will be safe while using it. These duties are why having a qualified professional Palm Beach pool maintenance service is vital.

When using someone to take care of your pool who is not part of a legitimate pool cleaning business, work performed may be inconsistent. They could also end up causing more harm than good. Without a properly endorsed and backed pool service, this situation can place you in a big heap of costly liability.

Licensed and Certified

Every technician who comes out to see your pool should be licensed and certified. Certification means that they have undergone specific training to help them diagnose pool problems.

Pool chemistry is quite complex. There are many steps that an uncertified pool maintenance person could be unaware of. On top of that, pool equipment such as pumps, jets and large-volume filters generate a lot of mechanical power and use a lot of electricity. If someone without the proper training were to work on your pool equipment, they could cause severe damage to the machinery and run the risk of causing electric shocks to anyone who uses the pool.

It is required by the state of Florida that any pool maintenance professional who will be working on mechanical pool equipment have proper certification. These certifications are necessary to acquire a license and legally operate as a pool service. If you were to use anyone without a license and any damage or injury resulted from your choice, you could be held responsible for not contracting an appropriate agent.

 Insurance is Important

Pools and their equipment can be unimaginably expensive. Anyone working with them should be prepared to handle the financial responsibility should something go awry. 

This very reason is why a professional pool service should always be insured while working on a job. Insurance protects property owners and the pool service in the event of any sort of accidental or catastrophic damage.

If an uninsured pool technician were to somehow cause damage to equipment or create a massive leak in the pool, they would most likely not have enough cash reserves to cover the costs out-of-pocket. You could be left footing the bill, or attempting a lengthy lawsuit to recoup your costs.

All pool technicians should work for a company that insures each job site and the work performed therein.


More important than anything else, a fully-certified and knowledgeable pool service will be familiar with any legal safety requirements. Per federal law, pool facilities – especially commercial ones – must meet a minimum standard of safety including fencing, proper pump and filter usage and anti-entrapment drain covers.

As part of our professional pool services, we can give a free safety consultation and evaluation of your commercial property. We want to make sure that all of our clients are exercising their legal obligation to provide a safe swimming environment for pool-goers. To schedule an evaluation and discuss any services you may require, start by looking at our commercial pool services page.