Everyone loves a pool. No pool owner is surprised when fellow humans want to come over and enjoy their pool with them.

Sharing your pool with Mother Nature is not so desirable. Since many animals call bodies of water their home, a secluded backyard pool can be far too tempting for them to resist. A pool owner or a family member will head out to the pool to find the water occupied with local wildlife.

Preventing this problem may require some trial and error, as well as some solutions that are tailored to your specific problem or type of animal intruder. Here is some general advice to help keep critters out of your pool. 


Frogs are some of the most common pool crashers. Being amphibious, they are naturally drawn to the water to live in and particularly to reproduce. Having a barrier along the bottom of your fence can help keep your pool critter free, but seeing as frogs are quite mobile and tree frogs have sticky pads, this solution will only serve to reduce their numbers.

The easiest long-term way to handle this problem is to install a device that lets frogs find their own way out. Usually, the frog will be trapped and will have difficulty climbing up the slick pool walls or around the “lip” edge that many pool deck areas have.

A device called a “Frog Log” will provide an easy thoroughfare for them to exit the pool. For frogs that get sucked into the skimmer area, there is another device called a “Critter Skimmer” that allows stuck animals to wander up the spiraling ramp and hopefully out of your life for good.

Frogs also hate low pH and high chlorine if you do not mind adjusting your pool’s chemistry. Frogs and snakes do not get along for obvious reasons, so hiding some rubber snakes around the perimeter of your pool has been rumored to ward them off.


While rubber snakes may be a good way to clear off frogs, real snakes will be enough to clear out anyone from the pool. Most snakes are non-aquatic, so they will likely find their way into your pool by accident or when chasing prey like the venerable frog.

Placing a ramp device, such as the Frog Log, will help them make their own exit. You could also spread granular sulfur around your pool area and plant mint leaves and lemongrass. Both herbs produce scents that deter snakes from entering your yard. 


Despite their cute looks, ducks can be extremely unsanitary and can wreck your pool’s chemical balance in moments. Some fake plastic owl sentries will deter them, but there is also a product called “Duck Off” that will make the water’s surface tension undesirable for them. The product claims it is not noticeable by humans.


Bugs are notorious for making their way into your pool. Flying insects in particular will land on the surface and get killed by the chlorine or drown. Other insects will try to make the water their home.

The easiest way to kick out the permanent insect residents is to eliminate their primary food source: algae. If there is nothing to eat, they will not stick around.

As for floating dead or dying bugs, a product called “Bug Off” will change the surface tension and cause all of the bugs to float into a corner where they will be easier to remove.

If you have persistent pest problems and neither a fence nor any of these solutions work, you may need to seek some professional advice. Visit our residential or commercial pool maintenance page for quality Coconut Creek pool service, and we can help you get a break from Mother Nature.