Owning a pool can involve some work. There are many factors to look after in order to keep the water pristine and safe for you and your family.

Pool equipment is very sophisticated technology – far different than most consumer-marketed appliances. As a result, many pool owners may inadvertently be misusing this equipment, or not keeping up with the required maintenance. Here are some common issues pool owners may have when dealing with their equipment.

Not Cleaning the Skimmer

The skimmer can get full of debris pretty fast. Insects, human hair and natural things like leaves will all get sucked towards the filter, but end up left bobbing on top. Many pool pumps also have a “hair and lint pot” on the bottom to keep these fibers from damaging the pump system or filter. 

It may be unpleasant, but these components absolutely have to be checked and cleaned out regularly. If you neglect to do this for more than a couple weeks, you could easily end up with a clogged or overloaded filtration system.

Letting Algae Build Up on Tile Walls

Algae can be a huge problem, especially for Pompano Beach pool maintenance. The warm and sunny climate is perfect for it to occur. While ignoring algae momentarily for a little while may seem like no big deal, once the algae has been sitting long enough it begins to calcify.

Similar to the process of plaque on your teeth turning into tartar, this calcification allows the potential for buildup to accelerate. Also akin to tartar, the calcified algae requires special tools to remove in a rather labor-intensive process. Keeping your walls and pool bottom scrubbed regularly will prevent this problem from occurring.

Backwashing the Sand or DE Filter Too Often

While backwashing can be a good way to clear out the filter after a heavy rain or algae bloom, it is typically performed to lower the pressure that builds up in these types of filters. When the pressure gauge rises to 8-10 PSI from clean, that is a sign that your filter needs to be backwashed.

Performing this task before that point can lead to reductions in the filter’s efficiency, not to mention gallons of pointlessly wasted water.

Not Running Pumps for Long Enough

A good rule of thumb is that you should be running your pool pump at least one hour for every ten degrees of temperature. For larger pools or pools that have been having issues, this duration should be increased.

Knowing exactly how long to run your pump is entirely dependent on your pool’s exact volume and the type of pump you are running. The actual process of figuring out a precise number involves a lot of math and conversions. Having a professional determine the pump duration for you can be an easy way to prevent problems from occurring in the future. 

If you are having difficulties, or are not sure if you are operating your equipment as efficiently as possible, you can always seek professional assistance.

Crystal Blue Pool Services can send a Pompano Beach pool maintenance expert to help guide you through the proper way to use and maintain your equipment. You could also have us clean and take care of everything for you on a regular basis. Find out more about our residential pool maintenance services by visiting our page.